Samarium Cobalt(SmCo)Magnet

Samarium Cobalt rare-earth (SmCo) magnets are manufactured by using powder metallurgy techniques which include stringent process controls and complicated heat treatment cycles. The composition of this alloy is approximately 35% Samarium, 60% cobalt with the balance being Fe & Cu.SmCo Magnets own superior resistance to high temperature,and excellent resistance to corrosion, no coating is needed for surface protecting.Smco is suitable for machines with high magnetic requirements and good for strict working environment requirement.

Available SmCo Magnet Grades

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
YX188.5-9.07.8-8.215-1916-18250C / 482F
YX209.2-9.68.2-9.015-1919-21250C / 482F
YX249.6-109.2-9.715-1922-24250C / 482F
YXG249.5-10.28.0-9.218-2522-24300C / 572F
YXG2610.2-10.59.4-10.018-2524-26300C / 572F
YXG2810.5-10.89.5-10.018-2526-28300C / 572F
YXG28B10.2-11.05.2-6.55.5-6.526-28300C / 572F
YXG3010.8-11.09.8-10.518-2528-30300C / 572F
YXG30B10.8-11.05.2-5.65.5-6.528-30300C / 572F