Permanent Sintered Neodymium Magnets are a rare earth material mixture comprising of rich rare earth and boron elements and other metallic materials. The key raw materials used, are known as Praseodymium-Neodymium, Pure Iron and Iron-Boron.Sintered Neodymium Magnets are the strongest type of magnets available due to their unique magnetic flux. The cost of neodymium magnets has reduced with improvements in production methods resulting in enhanced performance and less waste. Sintered Neodymium Magnets are also able to transfer electric power into mechanical power with maximum productivity.

Available Neodymium Magnet Grades

GradeBr (KG)Hcb (KOe)Hci (KOe)BHmax (MGOe)Tmax
N3511.7-12.2≥10.9≥12.033-3680C / 176F
N3812.2-12.5≥10.9≥12.036-3980C / 176F
N4012.5-12.8≥11.4≥12.038-4180C / 176F
N4212.8-13.2≥11.5≥12.040-4380C / 176F
N4513.2-13.8≥11.6≥12.043-4680C / 176F
N4813.8-14.2≥11.6≥12.046-4980C / 176F
N5014.0-14.5≥10.0≥11.048-5170C / 158F
N5214.3-14.8≥10.0≥11.050-5370C / 158F
30M10.8-11.3≥ 10.0≥ 14.028-31100C / 212F
33M11.3-11.7≥10.5≥14.031-33100C / 212F
35M11.7-12.2≥10.9≥14.033-36100C / 212F
38M12.2-12.5≥11.3≥14.036-39100C / 212F
40M12.5-12.8≥11.6≥14.038-41100C / 212F
42M12.8-13.2≥12.0≥14.040-43100C / 212F
45M13.2-13.8≥12.5≥14.043-46100C / 212F
48M13.6-14.3≥12.9≥14.046-49100C / 212F
50M14.0-14.5≥13.0≥14.048-51100C / 212F
30H10.8-11.3≥10.0≥17.028-31120C / 248F
33H11.3-11.7≥10.5≥17.031-34120C / 248F
35H11.7-12.2≥10.9≥17.033-36120C / 248F
38H12.2-12.5≥11.3≥17.036-39120C / 248F
40H12.5-12.8≥11.6≥17.038-41120C / 248F
42H12.8-13.2≥12.0≥17.040-43120C / 248F
45H13.2-13.8≥12.0≥17.043-46120C / 248F
48H13.7-14.3≥12.5≥17.046-49120C / 248F
30SH10.8-11.3≥10.1≥20.028-31150C / 302F
33SH11.3-11.7≥10.6≥20.031-34150C / 302F
35SH11.7-12.2≥11.0≥20.033-36150C / 302F
38SH12.2-12.5≥11.4≥20.036-39150C / 302F
40SH12.4-12.8≥11.8≥20.038-41150C / 302F
42SH12.8-13.2≥12.4≥20.040-43150C / 302F
45SH13.2-13.8≥12.6≥20.043-46150C / 302F
28UH10.2-10.8≥9.625.026-29180C / 356F
30UH10.8-11.3≥10.2≥25.028-31180C / 356F
33UH11.3-11.7≥10.7≥25.031-34180C / 356F
35UH11.8-12.2≥10.8≥25.033-36180C / 356F
38UH12.2-12.5≥11.3≥25.036-39180C / 356F
40UH12.4-12.8≥11.3≥25.038-41180C / 356F
28EH10.4-10.9≥9.8≥30.026-29200C / 392F
30EH10.8-11.3≥10.2≥30.028-31200C / 392F
33EH11.3-11.7≥10.5≥30.031-34200C / 392F
35EH11.7-12.2≥11.0≥30.033-36200C / 392F
38EH12.2-12.5≥11.3≥30.036-39200C / 392F