Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plates can be used in a number of applications, often installed above transfer conveyors and vibrating feeders to attract the ferrous contamination (Tramp) and any other metal parts which may have come off the machine during the manufacturing and packaging process. The magnetic plate consists of two rows of magnetic material running the full length of the plate. It is these rows of magnets that generate the high intensity magnetic flux fields catching Tramp contamination.


  • Suitable for wash down
  • High collection capacity
  • Rare Earth strong magnetic field
  • Easy to clean


Magnetic Plates are used in a number of industries including plastics, spices, dyes & powder pigments, chemicals and food


Any visible contamination can easily be removed by hand or with a cloth. We strongly advise you to wear protective gloves to avoid injury from any sharp objects which have been attracted to the surface.