Magnetic filter is widely used in field of Industry and household to remove metal and other debris in solid, liquid. Normally, magnetic filter is made of magnet, metal, plastic and other material. The core part is magnet. And Newland uses the strongeset magnet-NdFeB magnet. With excellent R&D department, strong production group, all Newland’s magnetic filters show the highest quality in this field.

Ningbo Newland Filter Business Division manufactures magnetic filter including magnetic filter bars,grate magnets,drawer magnets,pipeline magnets and so on.The Filter Business Divisions monthly production capacity is in excess of 100,000pcs. This is achieved by the level of automation present in the production line, using the assembly machines the quality of the magnetic bars is far more stable than when produced by hand, the bars are also inspected at various points in the assembly process to ensure we maintain the level of quality required by our customers. We are continuing to research for ways to improve the process to help reduce costs and improve the performance of our filters.