Maglev Train

Maglev train is made up of a high-speed magnetic levitation train system with contactless electromagnetic suspension, guidance and drive system.It can reach more than 500 km/h, is the world’s fastest ground passenger transport,its advantages include fast,climbing ability,low energy consumption,low noise,safe and comfortable,no fuel,less pollution,cheap and so on And it uses of elevated means,occupied a small amount of arable land.

The maglev train is used to replace the old steel wheel and track trains depend on the basic principles of magnetic traps on the rails.Magnetic levitation technology is using the electromagnetic force to hold the entire train car,get rid of the nasty friction and unpleasant sound,to achieve no contact with the ground, no fuel and fast flight.

The maglev train is the most fundamental breakthrough in iron technology since the advent of Stephenson’s “Rocket” steam locomotive about 200 years ago.Maglev train in today seems to be still a new thing,in fact,its theory has been a long history of preparation.Magnetic levitation technology from Germany,as early as 1922 German engineer Herman Kemper put forward the principle of electromagnetic levitation, and in 1934 applied for a patent for maglev train. After the 1970s,with the continuous strengthening of the economic strength in the world’s industrialized countries, developed countries such as Germany,Japan,the United States,Canada,France and the United Kingdom began to plan to carry out maglev transportation system in order to improve the transportation capacity to meet the needs of its economic development.