Founded in the year of 2013, Filter Business Division (FBD) is the subsidiary of Ningbo Newland Magnet Industry Corporation Limited. Though the official foundation of our Division is in 2013, we actually began to be in the field of the magnetic filtration since 2006. Our mission is the never-ending research and development about how to apply magnetic filtration into applications. The application field can be water treatment, chemical industry, food industry, recycling industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on.

The parent company of Filter Business Division is Ningbo Newland Magnet Industry Corporation Limited which was founded in 2009 and specializes in the manufacturing and researching of sintered NdFeB magnets. The annual output of sintered NdFeB magnet is more than 800 tons. In order to cater for the growing market needs for magnetic filtration products, Ningbo Newland Industry Corporation Limited set up Filter Business Division to specially work on it.

As Filter Business Division always believes in making perfection more perfect, we are equipped with experienced technical group to design new application for magnetic filtration and customize magnetic filters according to our customers’ needs. We not only have OEM products for customers, but also ODM products.

We have various kinds of machines for the manufacturing of magnets. For magnetic bars, we have developed our own automatic assembling machine to largely reduce the cost and advance the working efficiency. And they continuously devote themselves to the development of new magnetic filtration methods and new machines.

We hope to be at your service as soon as possible!